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It’s official: I have moved Hungry Child in the City to a self-hosted website. I will no longer be updating this blog.

Change your bookmarks and subscriptions! Come on over to the new site:

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Happy Reading and Happy Eating!

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Seafood Dinner.

What’s better than seafood for dinner?

The answer is: nothing. That was a trick question.

Tonight I went out to dinner with my family, TBW and my friend Jen for seafood dinner in Westchester. We went to Dolphin, a new seafood joint in Yonkers. Since you haven’t met Jen yet, here she is:

That's Jen and I at our friend Jamie's wedding last spring.

Anyway, she was nice enough to drive TBW and I north for dinner. Thanks, Jen!

Since this place is new, the service was pretty sad. I guess that’s sort of the problem with any new restaurant. The food however, was really good! We started with some drinks that were just okay. My mom liked them a lot, but I was less than thrilled. They certainly were pretty though.

I messed with the picture on my new iPhone to get the coloring pretty. Turned out sort of cool.

Then Jen and I split the Oysters Rockefeller and Tuna Tartar for appetizers and they were both great, especially the oysters. They were probably some of the best Oysters Rockefeller I have ever had.

Mmmm. Oysters Rockefeller.

Tuna Tartar.

For a main course we split lobster ravioli and crabmeat stuffed shrimp. I forgot to take a picture of the shrimp, but the lobster ravioli was incredible. This photo isn’t even that good.

Lobster Ravioli with shrimp and baby scallops.

If you live in Westchester, I recommend going, mostly for the food, and we hope the service improves with time.

In completely unrelated news, I finally made the switch from Blackberry to iPhone this week. I couldn’t be happier, all the apps are so much fun! I have been a Blackberry girl for almost 4 years now, so this was a big change. I’m glad I did it. I’m still getting used to the camera on it though, but I did download Camera+, which is a cool app that lets me change the colors and boarders of the picture.

Since Dolphin is so far away from NYC (and by far, I mean 20 minutes), I’m always looking for great recommendations in Manhattan for awesome seafood. I’m a pretty big fan of Flex Mussels, but they do mussels and a wonderful life changing lobster roll and that’s about it.

What’s your favorite NYC seafood restaurant?

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A Hungry Child in the City’s ABC’s

Yep, I am definitely the last blogger out there to post their ABC’s. I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. Welp, better late than never, right?

A: Age – 26 as of last week!

B: Bed size – Queen, but I think TBW and I really need a King.

C: Chores you dislike – Cleaning the bathroom. Also, emptying the dishwasher.

D: Dogs – A beautiful Golden Retriever named Ocean! I call her Ocee for short.

She's amazing.

She's a big girl.

E: Essential start to your day – Coffee. I adore coffee. Especially iced.

F: Favorite color – Green…all shades. And navy blue. Is it okay to have two favorite colors?

G: Gold or silver – Both! I used to be silver only lover, but now I like it all.

H: Height – Five feet, seven inches and a half. Is that specific enough for you?

I: Instruments you play – I don’t. I can play the piano in a very limited capacity, so I don’t think that counts.

J: Job title – Hedge Fund and Institutional Relationship Management at BNP Paribas. Sounds weird, right? Finance is weird like that.

K: Kids – Ah, not anytime soon. But eventually I want two, a boy and a girl.

L: Live – I am a born and raised Manhattanite. I love and have always loved New York City. There is no other place in the world for me.

Such a great city...and a cool photo. Thanks, Google!

M: Mom’s name – Megan. Don’t call her Meg.

My mama and I at her recent wedding.

N: Nicknames – L-One, Lonestar, Laur, Bruns, Pan, Pancake, Name Brand, Stiffler, Beako, ‘Witz. Don’t ask me explain any of them.

O: Overnight hospitals stays – None, even though I have had surgery three times. All were outpatient.

P: Pet Peeves – Gratuitous noise. I can’t stand humming, pen clicking, gum popping, nail picking, ect. If there is not a valid reason to make the noise, don’t do it. I also hate socks laying around the house. I hate feet, so socks sorta kinda gross me out. There are always socks all over our apartment. TBW is the culprit.

Q: Quote from a movie – Man, there are so many that I love. Probably the one I say most frequently right now is “Put it on my tab” from Dan in Real Life.

R: Righty or lefty – Righty. I’m so boring.

S: Siblings – Nick, Dillon, Ben, Luke. Step-siblings: Lily, Bowen, Daniel & Maddie. Nick and I are probably the closest, since we are the closest in age (he’s 22). My family is super complicated and huge. Maybe one day I’ll post about how it all works.

Nick and I: Summer 2010

Ben, Luke & Nick at my mom's wedding in October.

T: Time you wake up – Oy. So early. I’m up anytime between 5:00AM and 6:00AM, depending on whether I’m going to the gym or not. I have to be at work by 8:00AM, which means I am usually there by 7:30AM, so early rising is a must.

U: Underwear – Honestly, this seems a little personal for such a public forum. TBW knows. That’s pretty much how it’s going to stay.

V: Vegitables you don’t like – I don’t think there are any I don’t like. I love veggies! Yes, even brussel sprouts and spinach. I don’t like pickles however, but I do like cucumbers. Sorry, this was a terrible answer.

Y: Yummy foods you make – Chicken picatta, roast chicken, buttermilk waffles, stir fry. I have things I know I’m good at, but I can follow most recipes and churn out a tasty breakfast/lunch/dinner. I’m also good a baking. Like actually good at it. Apparently not everyone is?

X: X-Rays you’ve had – Loads on my knee, once on my foot.

Z: Zoo animal favorites – Polar bears. Koalas. Pandas. Penguins. Lions and Tigers.

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A Cooking Weekend

I like going home for the weekend every now and again. My mom has the best kitchen in the world full of Sub Zero refrigerators, a Viking stove with six burners and a griddle, electric and gas ovens for baking and cooking appropriately. It’s a dream kitchen and therefore it’s only appropriate that dream food comes out of it.

I went home for the night two weekends ago with Ali. It’s win-win because my family loves her and she loves my family. We got in the car and drove up there for a night of fun and food. It was a little cold that day, so when we arrived, we started the night off right with hot mulled cider cocktails.

All the proper tools for making Hot Mulled Cider.


Thanks, Mom!!

She then made us Ali’s favorite meal of lamb and homemade tzatziki sauce. It’s a Barefoot Contessa recipe and it’s AMAZING. So, so good.

Seriously best dinner ever.

I love both lamb and tzatziki sauce. Ali, my mom and I sat around laughing with our mulled cider and it was a very perfect evening.

Lovers! Haha. Not really. Just really good friends for a really long time.

It was a fantastic weekend. The next morning we had heart shaped waffles for breakfast with cinnamon sugar and maple syrup.


Notice how nice all the photos are in this post? I used my mom’s Nikon D90 camera and it made a HUGE difference. I am going to start using my Nikon D80 more often for better quality photos.

Alright, loads to do today. I will try and post more frequently, but for now, check out the new recipes I just posted last night for Buttermilk Waffles and Hot Mulled Cider!




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Yelp ROTD!!

So as you may or may not know, I love reviewing businesses around NYC on Yelp. If you don’t know what Yelp is, you should check it out. It’s a fantastic site who’s motto is “Real People, Real Reviews” meaning that anyone can sign up, rate and review a business anywhere in the USA.

I have been a fan of it for quite some time now, and you can see my favorites in Manhattan or Brooklyn, or just what I have recently reviewed. One of the great features on Yelp is the ROTD (Review of the Day). It’s one review that is posted on the homepage for 24 hours and it’s gotten loads of Funny, Useful and Cool votes.

Blah Blah Blah, right? Guess who has ROTD today? I DO. I really don’t care that I am beyond excited to wake up to this fact.


Cool, right? Anyway, you can read the entire review here, if you have any interest at all. So in honor of Ali’s Thankful Things Thursday, I’m thankful for Yelp and all the awesome people that voted for my review!


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I’ve Been a Terrible Blogger.

I find myself apologizing again for not writing in a whole week. It’ shameful really. I’ve just been going a million miles a minute and it gets tough to be able to unwind enough to sit down, collect my thoughts and write a blog post.

I don’t ever want to feel like blogging is a chore, so I will not force myself to do it. It has to come naturally and last week was too crazy to get anything down on paper.

BUT, it was my birthday on Friday and so of course I’m going to make some time tonight to write about it. I took some great pictures too.

I also have two great recipes I want to share, so hopefully I’ll have time for it all!

I hope everyone has a great Monday! This week is going to be fantastic!!!

Birthday Cake from my office!!

Birthday Cake from my office!!

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Apologies for the Delay…

So I have had a very busy couple of days. Sorry for not posting sooner, but sometimes you go-go-go and don’t have time to sit down in front of the computer.

In an case, I took a few photos to show you what’s been going on:

Rachel with her Ikea loot!

Rachel and I went to Ikea. We went to the one in Brooklyn and were there when it opened. There was no one there! It made shopping easy and fast. We of course looked at everything in the marketplace, she bought furniture and I bought a lemon juicer and some hand towels. Love Ikea for so many reasons.

Next, I helped Ben and Rachel move into their new apartment (which is near mine! yay!) and man was it a lot of hard work! Luckily, I didn’t have to drive the UHaul.

Hi Ben!!

I rewarded myself with a trip to Westchester to spend the night at my mom’s house with Ali. My mom cooked us an amazing lamb dinner with homemade tzatziki sauce. Dinner was so amazing and filling, all I could do afterwards was hang with the dogs on the floor.


And by dogs, I really mean only one, because Finn prefers to snuggle like this:

Finn passed out in my mom's arms. He's ridiculous.

The next morning, I made everyone heart shaped waffles because what’s a better breakfast than that? (By the way – all recipes and photos will show up here shortly!)

I headed back to Manhattan and had a mellow Sunday night. Monday night was similar, drinks with a co-worker and some errands. Last night was much livelier. I went to The Palm for dinner (as always!) with friends and TBW. They turned it into an early birthday meal with cake and candles at the end! My birthday is not until Friday, but Phil and Tal still brought presents from Kate’s Paperie (lovelovelove!) and I was such a happy girl.

Of course I got my favorite dishes on the menu, seafood and the lamb chops.

Phil, Dave and I split this enormous dish The Palm put together just for us!

Don't those look delicious?

I like how there is never anything on the plate but what you ordered (and garnish!). Here is our whole table, ready to chow down.

Clockwise (starting with me in front) Me, TBW, Tal, Phil & Dave

It was a great night and I still wanted cocktails after dinner, but everyone was tired and it was only Tuesday, after all.

Stay tuned for great recipes and amazing photos to come soon. I used a Nikon D90 to take some great shots that look one million times better than my Blackberry camera!

Sorry to stay away so long, I’ll try not to do it again!

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Mimosas, Wine, Knicks and Friends.

I have been lucky enough to have two days chock-full of friends. I spent the most time with one friend in particular, Ali!

Wednesday, I left work early to go run some errands. I surprised Ali at her office for lunch and we walked the 10 blocks to Cafeteria (one of our faves!) for a liquid lunch. How do you say no to a Blood Orange Mimosa?


Oh that’s right, you don’t. After getting slightly buzzed and chatting away with afternoon cocktails, I went downtown to meet my friend Carolyn (remember, the one who is getting married?) to look at wedding venues and have some vino.

We sat at the bar at City Winery drinking one of the best dessert wines I have ever had (I was too excited to see the rest of the venue to write down the name. I regret that! It was so good!) The internal event planner than came to meet with us and gave us a tour of the space. It was huge, and they make their own white and red wines there. They keep most of them on tap, which was very cool. Check out their distillation room:

The Restaurant Space. It was very pretty.

After loving the space very much, we guzzled the rest of our wine and headed back uptown to check out the Chelsea Art Museum. It was PERFECT. I didn’t take any photos because it was in the middle of a new installation and it wasn’t very interesting. The cool part was they have a GORGEOUS roofdeck overlooking the Hudson River. I think she might choose that space!

In any event, that night I went to the Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. I am not a basketball fan, but we took clients and the company I work for owns a suite, so how bad could it be? It was really fun, but I was so tired I left early. I did however, remember to take TBW’s camera so I could snap some decent shots.

This was Camello Anthony's first game as a member of the Knicks!

Basketball is boring.

This is the last one because all the photos look the same.

I think calling them “decent” is a stretch, since the subject matter was lacking.

I was so tired, I slept through my alarm yesterday morning and didn’t get up and go to the gym. I was kicking myself for it, but got over it pretty quickly. My boss took me to Sushiden for lunch and it was really, really good, but he kept insisting we order more and more and when I left I was completely stuffed and needed a nap.

CNBC was filming at my office yesterday too, which was sort of fun. They have a segment called Trading FLoor Thursdays and Maria Bartiromo does her closing bell show directly from a trading floor. Yesterday was us. Everyone was on their best behavior and wore their nicest suits. I was on camera for about 30 seconds. Regrettably, I didn’t know they were filming and I was stretching my arms up over my head while talking to a colleague. Whoops.

Interviews and Camera Crews.

Where the CNBC crew was staged.

Sort of makes for an interesting day at the office.

I had back to back meetings in the afternoon and finally got to leave to meet Ali downstairs (she met me at my office!). We went back to the Upper East Side and spent the remainder of the evening on my couch with wine and chinese food. I love Chinese food, so this was really a spectacular way to spend my evening.

Chinatown East Chinese food spread. So good!

Ali and I laughed hysterically at Sex and the City and ate all the Chinese food and polished off a bottle of wine. It was just so fun to relax and laugh with one of my favorite people.

Doesn't Ali look comfy. That's TBW's prized Palm Restaurant blanket. I hate it.

I went to bed early-ish and woke up this morning a happy girl. I jumped out of bed, went to the gym and did weights and circuit training with Bryant.

I’m excited for the fun weekend I have planned!

What are your weekend plans? What are your favorite things to do with your friends?

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Gaga Madness.

I saw Lady Gaga in concert last night.

She. Is. Awesome.

You can’t help but dance to her music. It’s high energy, fun and a little crazy. Just like her show. She dances like mad, she sings her heart out and it makes you want to dance right there on the spot.

After dinner and drinks at Brother Jimmy’s. Probably not the best choice ever. Their food usually makes me sick and frankly, it’s not very good. Their meats have weird flavor (maybe it’s liquid smoke?) and their sauces blow. I feel like a BBQ place should at least have decent sauces to cover up the fact that their meats are lacking. Nope, Bro Jim’s doesn’t seem to care what you think. Probably because it’s the number one hot spot for recent college grads looking for a never-ending frat party. The crazy thing is, Brother Jimmy’s locations have started springing up faster than Chase Bank ATM locations in NYC (if you are not from here, there is a Chase ATM on every corner. Not joking).

In any event, bad food is bad food. It doesn’t matter how many locations serve it.

Marbled Brisket, Mac & Cheese and Candied Yams with pecans. How do you mess this up? Blech.

Fried Okra and very bad spicy sauce. Gross.

These wings don't even look good.

The best part was the beer (Stella Artois!) and all the people dressed in crazy insane costumes to look like Lady Gaga. I almost asked them to all gather around for a photo.

We walked across the street to Madison Square Garden ready for Gaga Madness. We were not disappointed by her show. I forgot to borrow TBW’s camera so these are my crappy Blackberry camera photos. Apologies in advance.

Jen and I with multiple beers in anticipation. The Scissor Sisters opened for Gaga.

And then she appeared. Covered by a giant purple curtain, but that's Gaga for you.

Haus of Gaga.

I told you these pictures were grabage.

I told you these pictures were garbage.

I really need to get myself a new camera.

I attempted to get a close up with the screen. Camera phone fail.

She put on this giant sparkly white costume with an Elizabethan collar that moved. Yes, her collar moved.

And then she was raised up off the ground. Love Gaga.

I was actually surprised her outfits were not more crazy. She played the piano in a bra and thong for a while, often contorting her body into strange positions while she kept playing. When Poker Face finally came on, I went crazy and started singing and dancing like mad.

Great concert, thanks for the tickets, TBW! Thanks Jen for going with me!

What’s your fave Lady Gaga song? Have you seen her in concert?

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Lazy President’s Day

In honor of President’s day, I did the exact opposite of what President’s do. Nothing.

Yep, I did nothing all day yesterday. Awesome, right? I usually have plans of some sort, or errands to run, but yesterday there was nada in my agenda. Zip, zilch, nothing to do. You know what? I loved it. I needed a day to shut my brain off for a while and just chill out. I caught up on all my Tivo from the week prior, blogged for a while, Facebook’d for a while, watched a movie and ordered in food.

TBW did the same thing, although he cleaned the apartment while I napped, which was wonderful.It was nice to have a buddy to be lazy with. I didn’t even bother myself with doing any laundry, which I really need to do, but once I was lazy all day, it was a really hard cycle to break. That’s actually usually what keeps me from lying around all day, knowing once I start I can’t stop.

I did however reach a milestone yesterday in the blog world. I hit 2,000 page views. Cool. I don’t know why I was excited to hit 2,000 views, but I was. I know so many bloggers get thousands of hits daily, but as a newbie, I feel like that’s a decent number for now.

My lazy day ended in Thai food for dinner from Land Northeast Thai. I love that place, and haven’t been since I went with my friend Ali a few weeks ago.

We had a great meal of Green Chicken Curry and Chicken Pad See Ew (my fave!). I love living in a city where I can have whatever food I want delivered right to my door in 30 minutes.

Flat noodles, brown sauce, chicken and veggies make up the Chicken Pad See Ew. So delicious!

Chicken in a green curry sauce. Throw some rice on your plate and it soaks up all the curry goodness. Score.

Looks tasty, doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

In completely unrelated news, I’m going to see Lady Gaga tonight at Madison Square Garden with my friend Jen. I am beyond excited. TBW got us tickets for Christmas. He’s the best. Of course I will do my best to take photos.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, and the short work week!

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