I Always Eat too Much…

It’s true.

I always go out with good food intentions and then BAM. The menu hits me like a brick and I can’t help myself from ordering an appetizer and an entree and then probably finishing them both off. Whatever, it’s always delicious.

So yesterday, after getting up at 5:15AM and working out, eating a super healthy breakfast and lunch, dinner rolled around and TBW and I were really craving some steaks. We have a favorite restaurant, The Palm. It’s our go-to place and we are there at least once a week. After debating dining at a place near our apartment or heading to Midtown East for a Palm dinner, we agreed that our loyalty runs pretty deep and we jumped in a cab to 2nd Avenue.

Now let me explain to you The Palm. It seems appropriate that I went there last night and can write about it in my first post. The Palm is super mellow, not pretentious, enormous portions, steaks, salads, seafood and pasta served by friendly waiters that have been working there for years. We always get a few drinks at the bar and then settle into our seats for a long and lavish meal that will for sure put you into a food coma.

But the food is so good. So it’s hard not to eat everything on your plate. It takes some sort of self control that I just don’t posess. So last night TBW and I split a ceasar salad, which was as good as Ceasar Salads come. Usually I order the clams oreganata, but I was in the mood for some greens. I had something off the Restaurant Week menu instead of getting my usual to-die-for lamb chops. I figured it was something new a different and I might as well try it out. I had the tomato gnocci with rock shrimp. It was pretty excellent. The chef, Neil, made perfectly dense gnocci, but balanced them out nicely with a light tomato and basil sauce, and having the small shrimp instead of large ones I thought worked well with the dish. It was so tasty, I ate everything. Shocking.

TBW had the 14 oz filet which is his standard order, sort of the way I feel about lamb chops. We also got steamed spinach on the side, which is a far cry for the caloric overload of the creamed spinach (of course our usual order – so tasty!) and it had a little too much oil on it, but other than that, nom nom noms. TBW wanted a potato of some sort, so hashed browns (which I didn’t eat, but I know how good they are) finished the meal.

Not our table from last night, but a demolished Palm dinner from December.

Not our table from last night, but a demolished Palm dinner from December.


I was so happy and so full, but it was late and I needed to head to bed. I hate going to bed right after dinner, but we got a late start to our evening, so I didn’t have a lot of choice.

TBW got me into a cab and took me home. Another fantastic dinner completed.

By the way, I ran into Alison who was dining with her dad! He was visiting from New Hampshire. He’s so great, and I haven’t seen him since her graduation party, so it was nice to give him a hug. He was jealous of my dinner.

Eating at the Palm is a great way to end my Monday. If you go, ask for Ian and tell him I sent you, he’s the best!

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