So Happy I Cried

The first of my good friends is getting married. Married. As in someone’s wife. Crazy.

I am so excited for her and I am in the wedding – as the Maid of Honor! Part of the duties of the MOH is to help the bride choose her wedding dress. Carolyn (Bride-to-be) emailed her wedding party late Monday night asking us to come help her pick a dress Tuesday at noon. I couldn’t go, because I had to work (blech) and had afternoon meetings. The other bridesmaids were emailing me photos of the different dresses all afternoon and I was sad I couldn’t be there to participate.

When work was over I called Carolyn to see where they were in the search. She asked me to come meet her at TGI Fridays on Madison Avenue (WTF?) and even though I don’t understand eating at a place like that when there are so many choices in New York City, it’s not my wedding and isn’t part of being a MOH doing whatever the bride wants? I trekked over there and found Carolyn, her brother, and one other bridesmaid at the bar having beers and margaritas looking pensive.

They had chosen TGI Friday’s because it was literally next to the bridal salon and they needed to think on a dress Carolyn deemed “perfect”. We decided to go back to the boutique so I could see it on her. Everyone else in the party left and Carolyn and I went back to Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier by ourselves. She slipped into this gorgeous dress and I literally didn’t have any words. She was beaming like I have never seen, and couldn’t believe the transformation. The dress was nothing like her everyday style, and somehow that worked.

This is where she tried on and decided on the dress she is getting married in!

I sort of sat there stunned for a minute and then I breathed “you’re going to marry Patrick in that dress.” the two of us started crying right then. I don’t know why I got so emotional. Carolyn and Patrick have been dating for 11 years and I have known Carolyn pretty much all of my life. It made her marriage very real, seeing her in the dress. I was so happy for her. We both realized we had gotten all sappy and immediately started laughing almost as soon as the tears had started. Here’s the bonus…it was a $7,000 dress that was on sale (sample sale!) for $2,900. We then talked them down to $2,600. I love New York City for the sample sales. Who buys a gorgeous Marchesa dress for $2,600?? She swiped her Amex and then we were out of there. Time to celebrate!

(Update! She read my post and thought it would be good to post photos! Horray!)


Here's her dress, isn't it gorgeous!?

Close up of the detailing!


We decided on Brasserie for dinner. We know someone who works there and it was right near us, so in we went.

We checked our coats and the dress (reluctantly – Carolyn didn’t want to let it out of her sight) and settled into a cozy but modern booth. We inquired after our friend, but he had already gone home for the day. Oh well, lets order some drinks. We got some wine and champagne and ordered off the Restaurant Week Menu in an effort to keep the price down (after all, she did just max out her card with a $2,600 gown). I had the tuna tartar. Very good and a very big portion for Restaurant Week. Most places skimp on the food. Not so with Brasserie. I chose the scallops with duck fat potatoes at the suggestion of the waiter and was not disappointed. The scallops were small and placed on a potato of the same size, which made me happy – they did the portion control for me! The whole dish was really great and refreshing. I wasn’t crazy full afterwards, an ailment I seem to fall into far too often. We also had dessert because hey, it’s included in the Restaurant Week menu price. Creme Caramel with a bourbon sauce and a lemon tart. Both were small portions, but just right and done well, not too sweet and just the right amount of savory. So happy. We ended the night by sharing a bourbon neat.

The celebration ended and we retrieved our coats (and the dress!) with ooh’s and ah’s from the hostesses, who fawned over it. After jumping into a cab and heading home to a jealous TBW (I almost never order dessert, he was sad I did so with Carolyn. Sorry, TBW!) I was exhausted.

I snuggled up into bed and fell right asleep, ready to wake up to a sleet and ice storm.

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3 Responses to So Happy I Cried

  1. TBW says:

    Not even a cookie…

  2. I’m so happy I stumbled upon your blog! I am new to NYC and always looking for new restaurants. I don’t agree with eat at Fridays in the City, either.

    Your friend’s dress is amazing! I much prefer bridal gowns with a twist, and this has it! Congrats to her and to you as the MOH.

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