We get it Mother Nature! You win!

Well, it certainly was crappy out this morning. I know it’s the Northeast and all, snow, sleet and freezing rain are a part of winter, but this is sort of ridiculous. We get it Mother Nature! You win!

I had to walk in the street to get to the subway because the sidewalks around my apartment were a sheet of ice and my rainboots were slipping everywhere. I’m feeling lucky I made it without busting my butt! If all my weight can’t break through that ice, I don’t know what will. Aside from frozen sidewalks, the freezing rain was just nasty and not so good for my hair. My walk to the subway made me think of one thing: my friend Ali who seems to run in all sorts of insane weather conditions. I texted her to find out if she went for a run this morning, and she said she did not. Her exact words were “I’m hardcore but not stupid.” Good point. You can (and should!) read all about her adventures running in a NYC winter wonderland here.

As for me, I finally made it to my office, and the commute wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Got myself a breakfast of egg whites and turkey, my new favorite. I am attempting to eat better and bigger breakfasts so I don’t eat as much the rest of the day. Frankly, I am not really an egg person, but I do like this breakfast! I am attempting to be healthier all day long (breakfast and lunch) so I can go eat wherever I want for dinner. I love to go out to dinner, so constructing the rest of my daily eating habits around that is important.

I am trying to have an all around healthier lifestyle, but it’s a pretty big change for me. I have started working out at the gym and I am finding that I like it in the morning. In the past, I have always worked out at night and then stop going. I always felt like I was giving up going out at night for the gym. Now that I am there in the morning, I can do both and this makes me happy. I started working out with a personal trainer with New York Sports Club in Midtown. His name is Bryant and he has been with the gym for 15 years. He’s incredible and a great motivator. He pushes me in a good way without making me hate him, but he is also easy enough on me that I enjoy the workout. This is a little pathetic, but I already notice a difference: I am no longer out of breath when I get to the top of the steps leaving a subway. I don’t see any changes to my body yet, but hopefully that will follow soon!

I wound up eating tuna salad with avocado (avocado makes everything better!) on a whole wheat pita for lunch and that was just so-so. I only ate half because I didn’t love it. I’m trying not to eat just to eat…if that makes sense? I know I am going out with my friend Dave for drinks tonight, so eating healthy-ish all day was required. I am finding more and more healthy options in and around my office, which is great. I also find that eating a better breakfast and lunch really helps me throughout the day. I don’t get sluggish or tired, and the day seems to go faster. Working out in the morning also makes me entirely more productive at work then when I don’t work out. All around, great things happening.

Just in case you thought I was a healthy person, I wound up going out with my friend Dave after work for hot toddys at my favorite bar, Shoolbreds. We ordered hot toddys immediately, and I was happier than a pig in mud. The warm, cinnamon, green tea, scotch flavor made me forget about my frozen commute. Shoolbreds is so perfect for cold days, with their leather chairs, fireplace, dark nooks and corners, and fun music such as “Runaround Sue” and “Twist & Shout”. After two hot toddys to warm us up, Tal and TBW showed up and we decided to do dinner at The Smith, a few blocks away.

Half drunk hot toddys. Love the cinnamon stick.

Dinner was pretty decent, Tal and I split mac and cheese and I only had a few bites, cheese is making me sick lately (saddest thing ever) and a roasted pork sandwich. The sandwich boasted toasted bread, roasted pork, shaved cauliflower, arugula and some sort of aioli. It was a good sandwich, but the top was toasted and the bottom soggy, too much arugula, and the pork was sliced. I did however, take the half I didn’t eat home for lunch tomorrow because it was good enough, and didn’t seem that bad for me.

Pulled Pork Sandwich from The Smith.

I don’t know if I would go back. It was pretty mediocre and I know there is a lot of hype surrounding The Smith and it’s sister restaurant, Jane, but now I have eaten at both and neither impressed me. Oh well, on to the next thing!

I am once again cozy in my bed and ready to get some shut eye before a busy day tomorrow.

What are your favorite healthy choices when eating out?

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3 Responses to We get it Mother Nature! You win!

  1. After reading your review of Shoolbreds, I told my friends about it. Now we all really want to go.

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