Colds are the Pitts.

I am NOT allowing this cold to kick my butt. I left work early (does 5:30PM count as early?) so I could come home, do some laundry and get on the couch. I am going to Boston tomorrow to celebrate two of my favorite people being born. Courtney and Dee both live there and they share a birthday month, so I am just a few short hours away from boarding a plane to go crazy in Boston for the weekend. This cold won’t stop me.


Me with the two birthday girls!!


This weekend will be just like this photo. Beers and smiles. I can’t wait. To aid in my healing, I have ordered my go-to sick food – matzoh ball soup from Mansion Diner! They have everything you would want in a diner, but are far and away some of the best diner food I have ever had. Their only flaw is that they do not offer gyros, which is a personal favorite, but I will survive. Their matzoh ball soup is so good. It warms you right up, the broth is yummy and seasoned, but nothing too crazy (so it’s good for tummy aches too!) The matzoh balls are P-E-R-F-E-C-T. I mean I have gone in search of the best matzoh ball soup in Manhattan, and I really think this might be it. Part of my problem is I don’t like dill. So many places add a ton of dill to their matzoh ball soup (for flavor, I get it, I just don’t agree) and then it ruins it for me. These are very plain, very easy on the stomach and still delicious. I want the doorbell to ring so badly right now. Hurry up, delivery guy!

The Mansion is not only good for soup to make you better, but they have incredible waffle fries, a good tuna melt and very, very good eggs benedict. I have tried quite a few things on their menu which is so large it rivals the bible. Everything is very tasty, these few just stand out. Look, I understand a diner is not gourmet, but the take away from this is my opinion: Mansion is the best diner around.


What’s your favorite thing to eat when you’re sick?

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2 Responses to Colds are the Pitts.

  1. tspiceoflife says:

    As a half-Jew, I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’ve never had matzoh ball soup. I’ll take your advice and then next time I go to NYC, I will definitely head to The Mansion!

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