Sick Weekend. Blech.

So I never went to boston. I was so, so sick and even matzoh ball soup from my favorite diner didn’t help, which is a first! (You can read about my fave sick food here.) Anyway, suffice it to say that when I woke up on Friday morning, I was still really sick and needed to stay in bed all day. After calling out of work, I spoke to Dee to tell her I couldn’t make it. It was really upsetting to me to disappoint her like that, but I just couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t have been any fun anyway. Who wants their friend who is blowing their nose every 5 to 10 minutes and coughing like an elderly lady with COPD next to them in the bar? I know what you are thinking, attractive, right? I agree, but not everyone else does!

TBW went to the drugstore for me and stocked up on all the essentials:

Sorry the pic is blurry, but it seems appropriate, that's how I felt all day.

He made me drink a ton of orange juice and water, and bought Vitamin-C, Zinc and Echinacea for me to take periodically. I have already been sick once this winter, and I really have no interest in dragging this out.

I was very good and rested for 2 solid days (Friday & Saturday) and by the time Saturday night rolled around I was going completely stir crazy. All I wanted to do was go out. I don’t mean go out and partying, I mean just leave the house and hang with someone other than myself. Since I was supposed to be in Boston all weekend, TBW already had plans for a “guy’s night” and so off he went. I decided to take some Daquil, put on some jeans and boots and meet some friends in Greenwich Village for one (I mean it!) beer. It was my friend Rachel’s birthday party and her boyfriend Ben was throwing it at Kettle of Fish.

The Birthday Girl! She has the best hair, I am always so jealous.

I have been there many times and it’s a great bar. Very mellow, cheap drinks, you can wear whatever you want and they play…are you ready for it? No Doubt. Yep, the Tragic Kingdom years. I love that album and hearing it all night makes me so happy. Ben had reserved the entire couch are in the back and so we could spread out and leave our coats safely in a corner. Bonus!

Here is where I got really excited. The bar had Pac Man. YES. Pac Man is the single video game I could play over and over again. Ben and I tried it out as a team, but he was so bad I made him give up the joystick to me so I could get us some points.

Vintage Video Games!

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and Pac Mac finally beat us and we lost. Sad. I went to the bar to get my second Sweet Action beer (sort of like a Blue Moon, but a little tangier, they keep it on draft) and chatted with a bunch of my high school friends for a while until I was totally spent. I didn’t even finish my beverage and shared a cab uptown with my friend Moira’s boyfriend, Alejandro, who was also done for the night. I was so exhausted. I came home, watched some TV on the couch and got in bed with some Nyquil.

I needed some beauty sleep for Superbowl Sunday!!

Any good recipe suggestions for football food that are easy to make?

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