I Surprised Myself Today

I woke up this morning and was in my office by 6:30AM. That sounds crazy to some people, but I’m now used to it, since I work at an international bank, and we often have early morning calls on London time. Besides that, I still get a kick out of walking into work and seeing the trading floor buzzing at that hour. When I come in that early, the firm provides breakfast and I took advantage of someone else cooking me whatever I want, and got hard-boiled eggs and whole wheat toast with just a little bit of butter. I am not an egg person, but I adore hard-boiled eggs. So my day started off right with a great breakfast (and for free!).

Yep, took a photo of my breakfast. Total dork status.

After chowing down, my work day was crazy busy and by the end of it, I was exhausted and cranky. I bolted out of my office like it was on fire at 6:00PM and stood in the lobby of my building for a minute, contemplating my options.

  1. I could go home, lay on the couch, relax, get fattening takeout food.
  2. I could go to the gym, which is only a half a block away, and I have already carted my gym bag to work, and run out some of my occupation frustration.

I sucked it up and chose the latter. Now you may be thinking, duh, of course the gym is the right option! This is not the case for me. Not only is it not the obvious choice, but it’s the more difficult choice, because I am lazy and not really a gym rat…yet.

I marched my butt over there, threw my stuff in a locker and realized I forgot both my iPod and headphones at home. Damn. I almost left. Not joking. That’s how much I was looking for a reason to not go.

Instead, I remembered the electronics store right next door. I told myself to just get over it and go buy a new pair (my current headphones are totally busted anyway).

I purchased a cheap set of ear buds, went back to the gym, got on a treadmill and started running. I hooked the headphones up to my Blackberry and switched on Pandora radio. With Fatboyslim pounding in my ears, I ran. And ran, and ran and ran. I threw a towel over the clock so it didn’t distract me.

When I pulled the towel off, I realized I had run solidly (and fast) for a long time. Way longer than I expected to run. I didn’t want to stop, but my body is not used to it, so I walked a little and then ran again. By the time I was done, I was sweating and felt so good. All my frustrations from the day had disappeared and I left the gym feeling like the day was not a total waste.

To add to my happy mood, the headphones I bought (yeah the cheap ones that I almost didn’t get?) are so much better than my old ones. Score! I also realized that I really like running to Pandora Radio. I liked that I didn’t have any idea what song would come on next, and many of them I hadn’t heard before, but really liked.

I totally surprised myself today with my long run and happy feeling post-workout. Maybe gym rats are onto something? I don’t think I would have fully recovered from my stressful day if I hadn’t gone with option 2 and I would have come home angry and cranky, something I am sure TBW wouldn’t have appreciated.

I did stop at the food store on the way home and bought ingredients for dinner. I made one of Teddy’s recipes and turns out, its DELICIOUS. Of course you can read all about it tomorrow!

What sort of workout makes your whole day worthwhile?

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