A Healthy Dinner

Usually, when I get home, TBW and I look at each other and go back and forth about where we should order from. Chinese? Tacos? Burritos? Pasta? We spend a lot of money eating out and pack on the pounds. Since I have recently been into cooking more and working out more and attempting to live an all around healthier lifestyle, I cooked instead.

Last night I went to the gym and was pumped with my great workout. I stopped by the food store, grabbed some ingredients and went home to cook. I still had a lot of energy from the gym, so I got right to it when I walked in the door.

An hour later, I had a pretty awesome dinner of boiled cabbage leaves wrapped around a turkey, onion, rice mixture. My friend Teddy had posted a recipe that she loves, and since whatever she has cooked in the past is always tasty, I tested it out.

I. Fell. In. Love.

This recipe was really surprising. It was hearty and filling and very delicious. The meaty filling was well cooked and not too overpowering to the slight tang of the cabbage leaf and the acidity of the red sauce. You have to try making it. It was simple to put together, and most of the time was spent wishing the oven would hurry up and bake it faster.

Most importantly, the meal was healthy. Not like eating carrots and celery for dinner, but it was loaded with protein and almost no carbs and a healthy dose of veggies. It also made so much that we have plenty of leftovers sitting in the fridge. I went to bed happy and full, without feeling sick or slightly guilty. It was nice to know that not only could I eat healthy and like it, but I could cook it myself, right here in my own kitchen.

Please share with me your healthy recipes! Teddy, post more for me to follow!

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1 Response to A Healthy Dinner

  1. Deebaby says:

    Hi Lone. I read your blog today. I like how much fun food you are cooking. I also like how you take pictures of everything. I liked the picture of the hot toddy the best. MAKE ME ONE NOW. You are smart and pretty. YAY!

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