Thirsty Thursday

After three solid days of working out hard, I didn’t hit the gym yesterday. I just couldn’t bring myself to get up that early again (that early being 5:15AM) so I slept in, and due to a work event immediately following close of business, I didn’t have time after work either.

I realized I sort of wished I had the time yesterday. I am already dragging today and I think it’s from not doing anything physical the day prior. I know you are supposed to rest between workouts, but I was sort of getting into it!

During work the sun was shining so brightly I absolutely craved it. I wanted some sun on my face. I think this bleak winter is giving me a vitamin D deficiency! I walked around the block because that’s all I had time for.

Midtown was so sunny. It was great to be in it, if only for a few minutes!

After a long day of work I went to a small work gathering meant to boost morale and promote team socialization. We went for cocktails at The Aspen Social Club, which is only a few blocks from my office and it’s pretty much a swanky ski lodge…without the mountain or the snow. While the dimly lit interior and faux log cabin walls were perfect in keeping with the theme, they seating was horribly laid out, and I didn’t think there was a ton of room for groups (we were 15 people).

The coolest part of the whole place was the back dining area. The ceiling was covered in perfectly polished snow-white antlers. It was so cool. I took this photo, but it really doesn’t do the ceiling justice:

Antler ceiling.

Pretty cool, right?

After being impressed by the decor, I tried to food. We had a large spread with tons of options. What I tried, I liked!

  • Crab Dip and chips – Good, the dip was a little watery, but the flavors were there, and the chips were homemade.
  • Tuna Tartar – Classic preparation, with avocado and the homemade chips to scoop it up. Fish was fresh, so that was really all I needed.
  • Deviled Eggs With Yellowfin Tuna and Wasabi Tobiko – Damn, was that good. I didn’t think I liked deviled eggs, but I guess I do!
  • Pulled Pork Sliders – Your basic sliders, nothing crazy or special about them, but they tasted good, although they were a little messy for people in suits, as they were dripping sauce everywhere.
  • Cheese Plate – I only tried a small piece of some sort of gorgonzola and it was fantastic!
  • Acai Margarita – A little sweet, but I had 3 of them so something in there must have sparked my interest.

I did enjoy it, it was a decent after work dimly lit cocktail den that happened to have a menu of food too, and Midtown west is severely lacking options of the cocktail den variety. It was intimate, and when we got there around 5:30PM it was empty, but incredibly packed by the time we left at 9. Midtown win? I think so. I wish they had a better set up for private parties, but now I know the layout for next time.

Check it out, let me know what you think!

Do you have a Midtown favorite for after work cocktails?

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