Tiki Bars Are My New Favorite

I have never been shy about the fact that I love good cocktails. I wander all over Manhattan to find the best ones. I love places that are either swanky or hidden, creative or pretty, or any combination of the aforementioned.

Since I went out on Saturday to celebrate Valentine’s Day with TBW at The Four Seasons, on actual Valentine’s Day I went out with the girls, and man did we have fun.

Amazing times aside, we went to a place with some of the best cocktails I have tried lately. The Hurricane Club was the destination of choice, as it is swanky, supposed to have great drinks and only just opened this past fall.

It was glorious.

I really don’t know how else to describe it. We had the best time. 7 girls around a table with tiki drinks? Don’t mind if I do. Here is a list of the cream of the crop from last night:

  1. #77 (Monticristo Spiced, coconut, cardamom, passion fruit) – This delightfully fun beverage was served in it’s very own coconut shell!!! I almost screamed in excitement upon it’s arrival. The drink came with a small plastic stand to hold the coconut so your hands were free to read the extensive menu over and over.
  2. #480 (Pitu, spiced passion fruit, muddled ginger) – This one came in a vase (a planter might be more appropriate) and was filled to the brim. It was enormous and had orchids floating on the top and a lime in the center that was….ready for it? On fire. Yay!
  3. #46 – (Knob Creek, mandarin, bay leaf, toasted rice) – It had crushed ice which is always fun and bay leaves sticking up on the side. So pretty.
  4. Coconut Shrimp – Interesting and delicious take on coconut shrimp, with this killer side of sauce with great blended flavors.
  5. Dover Sole – It was a huge piece of fish, very fresh tasting with almonds and lemon.

Are you ready for the copious amounts of photos I took? I know you are:

#46 - Crushed Ice and Bay Leaves.


That's the #77 (in the coconut!) and some drink Lea ordered. She asked for "strong" and "bourbon".

#480. Pretty orchids! You can't see it here, but the lime was up in flames.

It was a huge beverage...

...meant to share!


Dover Sole, more than half eaten.

So, great food and drinks, but the decor? AWESOME.

I was so in love with the soaring ceilings, huge glittering chandelier, sexy crowd, leather and wood seating, candles and exotic flowers. It was like going on a first date and realizing its love at first sight. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Of course I wrote about this in more detail on Yelp. You can read all about it here.

Other than my amazing drinks and dinner combo with the girls, I had a pretty sweet Valentine’s Day. TBW sent me flowers, and I made him festive cupcakes!


Hot Pink Calla Lillies! My Favorite 🙂

Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes with fudge icing - his favorite!


Any fabulous places for cocktails you would recommend in NYC?

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2 Responses to Tiki Bars Are My New Favorite

  1. Great photos! Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to make it out to New York so I can visit The Hurricane Club it sounds great!

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