Sun and Cocktail Filled Afternoon

I pride myself on being a really good friend. I try to be there for everyone, and make everyone feel the love. So when someone asks you to be their Maid of Honor, your good friend gene kicks into high gear and you have to pull out all the stops.

You may remember I told you about my friend Carolyn, who is getting married. We went dress shopping and bought what we thought was the perfect dress. Well, Carolyn couldn’t get the thought of another dress she had seen online out of her head, and she went to try it on with her mom this past weekend. She fell in love with a gown all over again and asked me to come see it with her.I took a half day off of work and she made an appointment.

I was sure nothing would be as beautiful as the first dress she chose. I kept thinking there is no way she is THAT into another dress! Well, Carolyn proved me wrong and as it turns out, she found another perfect dress. First, we took a quick look at the bridesmaids dresses at J. Crew Bridal on Madison Avenue and then jumped in a cab to Gabriella Bridal Salon on W. 14th street in the Meatpacking District. I was so overwhelmed when we walked in. Everything was lace covered or glittering, there were feathers, trains, and satin spilling out of every corner. I don’t know how I will handle being a bride, there is so much to choose from!!

I took a few photos so you could see what I mean.

Gowns in Gabriella.

Accessories were everywhere. Here is a small sampling.

There's Carolyn trying on more dresses. I love all the tulle everywhere!

Turns out, Carolyn was right, there was a better dress out there for her, and she bought it. No full on photos this time, I think it was bad luck!!

We had to celebrate with lunch and cocktails, since it was only 2:00PM. We crossed the street to go to Dos Caminos, which is in the old Vento. Too bad Vento closed, I liked it there! Dos Caminos was completely empty, so we snuggled up to the bar and ordered some cocktails immediately. I ordered The Cruiser (Don Julio Blanco, muddled brown sugar, pineapple) which was so delicious I wound up having two, and we started with some guacamole and chips, which was a home run.


Chips & Guac!

We then split an appetizer and an entrée. We had the Bocoles de Calabaza (black bean gorditas stuffed with spicy butternut squash, goat cheese, mole coloradito) and they were incredibly tasty. Carolyn didn’t love them, but I did.

I tried to cut open the gorditas so you could see inside. They don't photograph so well.

We also split Sesame Seared Yellowfin Tuna Lettuce Tacos (sushi grade tuna with hot papaya salsa, black bean pico de gallo) and it was light and refreshing. The dish was also colorful and pretty!

Tuna Lettuce Tacos. So colorful!

Once we were full and slightly buzzed, we walked across the street to the Gansevoort Hotel. I have a co-worker who constantly raves about it, so I thought why not? We went up to the penthouse where the roofdeck bar, Plunge lives. We were once again the only people there (it was a Wednesday at 4:00PM, after all). The space was totally trashy, but we stayed because the floor to ceiling glass walls let in a ton of the glorious afternoon sunlight and we ordered more cocktails while hanging out with our sunglasses on. The sun was magnificent but the drinks were mediocre at best, my Hennessy drink was heavy and not that great. The wraparound outdoor deck was a plus, and they had a pool, which I guess is nice in the summer. The sunset was orange and pink, so pretty to watch out over New Jersey. I was just so underwhelmed with this penthouse. $15 for a crappy cocktail? No thanks.


Mediocre Cocktails at Plunge.

The trashy decor.

Blech. I will probably never go back.

Another of my friends, Dorothy, left work early to come and join us at Plunge and the three of us agreed we needed a venue change. Since we were right around the corner (and it was only 6:00PM) we headed to Abe & Arthur’s for more drinks. While the setting was much, much better, low lighting, leather and wood, just the way I like my bars/restaurants, the service blew. We were at a table in the bar area, two more people joined our party for a total of five and it was similar to pulling teeth to get the waiter to keep coming back and refilling our vintage style champagne glasses.

I ordered a Cold Apple Pie (Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Cider, lemon juice, almond cream cloud). I should have known it was going to be a heavy drink. The word “cream” should have tipped me off. I don’t know why I always gravitate towards dessert-like cocktails. I don’t ever like them.

I drank the whole thing anyway, because it was good, but I would have been happier with just a taste, not a whole glass. I switched to the Thai cocktail, which is not on the menu they posted online, and therefore I can’t give you all the ingredients, but suffice it to say, it was really good!

The Cold Apple Pie is on the left, the amazing Thai drink is on the right.

I love the glasses they were served in. If it’s vintage, I like it.

I finally poured myself into a cab home knowing I had to be up early to see my personal trainer at the gym. Why do I always drink the night before I have to lift weights at 6:00AM? I’m foolish. I’m going to make an attempt to get more sleep!

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