Sunshine = Healthy Lauren (Part 2)

When we left off, I had just put my whole roasted brussel sprouts and polenta pizza in the oven.

As it turns out, I am not a chef. Not even close. Quick recap:

  • Brussel Sprouts = Amazing
  • Polenta Pizza = I messed it up

Everything smelled amazing, so I was super excited to chow down. The brussel sprouts were done first, and I was very pleased with myself. They had a nice caramelized coating and were exactly as they should be. Crispy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside. They also tasted really great. TBW and I ate a whole pound of them. I guess that means I’m half a pound heavier this morning. But look how good these were!

Mmmm. So tasty.

About 20 minutes later, the polenta pizza was ready too. It also smelled good, but when I took it out of the oven, it left a lot to be desired. I tried to follow Emily’s recipe perfectly, but mine didn’t come out right at all.

First of all, I struggled with the polenta. It was too doughy and wouldn’t spread all over the pie pan. Second, I should have sprayed the pie pan with Pam, crisco, something before putting the polenta in there. When we tried to cut it into pieces, it wouldn’t come out of the pan. Ugh. Rookie mistake!

Second, somehow, the polenta didn’t cook all the way through. The parts that were crispy were the best, but they were few and far between. Here’s my sad polenta pizza:

Half is already eaten. See how it wouldn't fully come off the pie pan? 😦

Even though it was a broken pizza, it still tasted good, and we just sort of scooped it out and ate it with forks. Hey, if it tastes good, that’s all that matters, right? I couldn’t serve this at a dinner party, but it worked for TBW and I!

We wound up eating the whole thing, which wasn’t much, because a great deal of it was stuck to the bottom.

Bye Bye Polenta Pizza!

I also didn’t put enough toppings on. I forgot that the spinach would wilt and make it smaller. I think more toppings would have meant more tasty goodness. Next time, I’m going to use more water, less cornmeal, spray the pan with Pam before baking and add more toppings. That should make it a better dish! Emily suggests using a Springform pan, which I don’t have, but should probably invest in (it’s also used to make ice cream cake!).

I posted the brussel sprouts recipe for you to use since I loved it! I cannot in good faith post the polenta pizza recipe. I have to try it again and make some changes. However, the toppings I chose worked really well together, and that’s what I will use the next time (spinach, prosciutto, goat cheese).

Question: Does anyone have experience with polenta? What’s the best way to work with it?

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3 Responses to Sunshine = Healthy Lauren (Part 2)

  1. lowandbhold says:

    I’ve never cooked with polenta. It intimidates me. I love brussels though, they’re my favorite right now.

  2. Dreams in Food says:

    Ohh I will have to try this. I LOVE POLENTA!

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