Gaga Madness.

I saw Lady Gaga in concert last night.

She. Is. Awesome.

You can’t help but dance to her music. It’s high energy, fun and a little crazy. Just like her show. She dances like mad, she sings her heart out and it makes you want to dance right there on the spot.

After dinner and drinks at Brother Jimmy’s. Probably not the best choice ever. Their food usually makes me sick and frankly, it’s not very good. Their meats have weird flavor (maybe it’s liquid smoke?) and their sauces blow. I feel like a BBQ place should at least have decent sauces to cover up the fact that their meats are lacking. Nope, Bro Jim’s doesn’t seem to care what you think. Probably because it’s the number one hot spot for recent college grads looking for a never-ending frat party. The crazy thing is, Brother Jimmy’s locations have started springing up faster than Chase Bank ATM locations in NYC (if you are not from here, there is a Chase ATM on every corner. Not joking).

In any event, bad food is bad food. It doesn’t matter how many locations serve it.

Marbled Brisket, Mac & Cheese and Candied Yams with pecans. How do you mess this up? Blech.

Fried Okra and very bad spicy sauce. Gross.

These wings don't even look good.

The best part was the beer (Stella Artois!) and all the people dressed in crazy insane costumes to look like Lady Gaga. I almost asked them to all gather around for a photo.

We walked across the street to Madison Square Garden ready for Gaga Madness. We were not disappointed by her show. I forgot to borrow TBW’s camera so these are my crappy Blackberry camera photos. Apologies in advance.

Jen and I with multiple beers in anticipation. The Scissor Sisters opened for Gaga.

And then she appeared. Covered by a giant purple curtain, but that's Gaga for you.

Haus of Gaga.

I told you these pictures were grabage.

I told you these pictures were garbage.

I really need to get myself a new camera.

I attempted to get a close up with the screen. Camera phone fail.

She put on this giant sparkly white costume with an Elizabethan collar that moved. Yes, her collar moved.

And then she was raised up off the ground. Love Gaga.

I was actually surprised her outfits were not more crazy. She played the piano in a bra and thong for a while, often contorting her body into strange positions while she kept playing. When Poker Face finally came on, I went crazy and started singing and dancing like mad.

Great concert, thanks for the tickets, TBW! Thanks Jen for going with me!

What’s your fave Lady Gaga song? Have you seen her in concert?

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2 Responses to Gaga Madness.

  1. Courtney says:

    I’m so glad that you enjoyed the concert!! It looked like an awesome time!! I saw her when she was an opening act, for an opening act!! Girl has come a long way 🙂

  2. I’m so jealous you went to see her in concert. Tickets were on sales for like $400 on presale from a year ago. Absolutely Ridiculous. My Favorite Song is Bad Romance. Love Singing it in the car. Glad you enjoyed the concert!

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