Mimosas, Wine, Knicks and Friends.

I have been lucky enough to have two days chock-full of friends. I spent the most time with one friend in particular, Ali!

Wednesday, I left work early to go run some errands. I surprised Ali at her office for lunch and we walked the 10 blocks to Cafeteria (one of our faves!) for a liquid lunch. How do you say no to a Blood Orange Mimosa?


Oh that’s right, you don’t. After getting slightly buzzed and chatting away with afternoon cocktails, I went downtown to meet my friend Carolyn (remember, the one who is getting married?) to look at wedding venues and have some vino.

We sat at the bar at City Winery drinking one of the best dessert wines I have ever had (I was too excited to see the rest of the venue to write down the name. I regret that! It was so good!) The internal event planner than came to meet with us and gave us a tour of the space. It was huge, and they make their own white and red wines there. They keep most of them on tap, which was very cool. Check out their distillation room:

The Restaurant Space. It was very pretty.

After loving the space very much, we guzzled the rest of our wine and headed back uptown to check out the Chelsea Art Museum. It was PERFECT. I didn’t take any photos because it was in the middle of a new installation and it wasn’t very interesting. The cool part was they have a GORGEOUS roofdeck overlooking the Hudson River. I think she might choose that space!

In any event, that night I went to the Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. I am not a basketball fan, but we took clients and the company I work for owns a suite, so how bad could it be? It was really fun, but I was so tired I left early. I did however, remember to take TBW’s camera so I could snap some decent shots.

This was Camello Anthony's first game as a member of the Knicks!

Basketball is boring.

This is the last one because all the photos look the same.

I think calling them “decent” is a stretch, since the subject matter was lacking.

I was so tired, I slept through my alarm yesterday morning and didn’t get up and go to the gym. I was kicking myself for it, but got over it pretty quickly. My boss took me to Sushiden for lunch and it was really, really good, but he kept insisting we order more and more and when I left I was completely stuffed and needed a nap.

CNBC was filming at my office yesterday too, which was sort of fun. They have a segment called Trading FLoor Thursdays and Maria Bartiromo does her closing bell show directly from a trading floor. Yesterday was us. Everyone was on their best behavior and wore their nicest suits. I was on camera for about 30 seconds. Regrettably, I didn’t know they were filming and I was stretching my arms up over my head while talking to a colleague. Whoops.

Interviews and Camera Crews.

Where the CNBC crew was staged.

Sort of makes for an interesting day at the office.

I had back to back meetings in the afternoon and finally got to leave to meet Ali downstairs (she met me at my office!). We went back to the Upper East Side and spent the remainder of the evening on my couch with wine and chinese food. I love Chinese food, so this was really a spectacular way to spend my evening.

Chinatown East Chinese food spread. So good!

Ali and I laughed hysterically at Sex and the City and ate all the Chinese food and polished off a bottle of wine. It was just so fun to relax and laugh with one of my favorite people.

Doesn't Ali look comfy. That's TBW's prized Palm Restaurant blanket. I hate it.

I went to bed early-ish and woke up this morning a happy girl. I jumped out of bed, went to the gym and did weights and circuit training with Bryant.

I’m excited for the fun weekend I have planned!

What are your weekend plans? What are your favorite things to do with your friends?

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5 Responses to Mimosas, Wine, Knicks and Friends.

  1. Teddy says:

    Gooners ❤

  2. looks fab!! love cafeteria for boozy summer weekend brunches

  3. I love The Palm blanket.

  4. TBW says:

    That Palm banket is amazing! What a lucky guy…Hands off Ali! 🙂

  5. Blood Orange Mimosas? Yum that sounds amazing!

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