A Cooking Weekend

I like going home for the weekend every now and again. My mom has the best kitchen in the world full of Sub Zero refrigerators, a Viking stove with six burners and a griddle, electric and gas ovens for baking and cooking appropriately. It’s a dream kitchen and therefore it’s only appropriate that dream food comes out of it.

I went home for the night two weekends ago with Ali. It’s win-win because my family loves her and she loves my family. We got in the car and drove up there for a night of fun and food. It was a little cold that day, so when we arrived, we started the night off right with hot mulled cider cocktails.

All the proper tools for making Hot Mulled Cider.


Thanks, Mom!!

She then made us Ali’s favorite meal of lamb and homemade tzatziki sauce. It’s a Barefoot Contessa recipe and it’s AMAZING. So, so good.

Seriously best dinner ever.

I love both lamb and tzatziki sauce. Ali, my mom and I sat around laughing with our mulled cider and it was a very perfect evening.

Lovers! Haha. Not really. Just really good friends for a really long time.

It was a fantastic weekend. The next morning we had heart shaped waffles for breakfast with cinnamon sugar and maple syrup.


Notice how nice all the photos are in this post? I used my mom’s Nikon D90 camera and it made a HUGE difference. I am going to start using my Nikon D80 more often for better quality photos.

Alright, loads to do today. I will try and post more frequently, but for now, check out the new recipes I just posted last night for Buttermilk Waffles and Hot Mulled Cider!




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1 Response to A Cooking Weekend

  1. Your mom does have a rockin’ kitchen! I love going to visit my parents in Texas who have actual counter space and dishwashers (what a luxury!). I love that you had heart-shaped waffles. My mom still makes me Mickey Mouse shaped waffles every time I visit:)

    I’m following you; great blog!

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